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Flowersful's Advice to Fresh Graduate

Congrats!  It’s graduation season and it’s time to cheer on your graduates for a job well done. Congratulate your with one of these thoughtful graduation gifts:

Commemorate Graduation Day with Flowers

Celebratory blooms never go out of style! Congratulate your grads with a bouquet after the ceremony, or send graduation flowers if you can’t be there on the big day. If you need some inspiration, the most popular graduation flowers are roses, lilies, daisies, and carnations. You can also coordinate the blooms with their cap and gown or school spirit colors.

Give the Gift of Time

Along with flowers, watches are the classic graduation gift. Most students don’t have the funds to justify purchasing a quality watch, which is why it makes such a great gift. Plus, you can get personalized engravings or custom models for a watch that they can call their entirely own and cherish for years to come.

Help Grads Reach the Next Destination

Graduates keep hearing that the world is their oyster, so help them make it a reality by supporting future travel plans. You can set up a travel fund or give them money on the condition that they put it toward their upcoming bookings. If they already have a trip planned, you can exchange cash for the currency of their destination so that they have spending money when they get there. For a smaller gift, give them a scratch map or tech-savvy travel accessories to accompany their next adventure. If they’re graduating college and heading to a new city for a job opportunity or to start fresh, you can help them set up their apartment with furniture, accessories or wall art. They’ll also appreciate gift cards for local restaurants, boutiques, or museums so that they can start exploring their new home without breaking the bank immediately.

Set Grads Up with a Subscription

With monthly deliveries, subscriptions are the gifts that keep giving. Set your grads up with a subscription to a newspaper or magazine, skincare box, streaming service or local fitness center. That way, they can take advantage of these products and services without breaking their budget. It’s up to you how many months you cover before handing over the reins.

Add to the Post-Grad Wardrobe

Take your lucky grad on a shopping date to stock up on the clothes, shoes, and accessories fit for interviews and professional positions. If you’re too far away to take them shopping, send them an outfit by mail. Don’t forget to throw in the gift receipt! Alternatively, give them a gift card to a particular department store or online retailer. Brands like 
Jimmy Choo, Bonia, Banana Republic, Christy Ng, British India, Sperry, Zara, and Anthropologie offer the kinds of styles that are perfect for their age and the office.

Fill Up the Piggy Bank

When in doubt, support your grad’s bank account with some extra funds. It may seem a tad impersonal, but it’s the one thing nearly every graduate needs. Plus, you can add a personal touch with a fitting card and handwritten note.

We hope all your graduates have an amazing graduation! Congratulations!

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